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Could This Revolutionary Gadget Help you Predict Iminent Heart Attacks?



TrackFit promises to be the revolutionary new partner for anyone who cares about their well being. It monitors and gives feedback about its users health. Does it really work? We have investigated it...


Every year, millions of people fall victim to heart attacks. But, how can we really prevent heart attacks from happening? Sure - everyone tells you to eat healthier and work out more - but sometimes the daily routine and struggle just doesn't allow for that to happen. 

Thankfully, an young team of scientists from the university of Ireland have been working hard to find a solution to this issue which has been plaguing humanity since its first days. Yes, this smartwatch could literally save your life. Keep on reading to find out how TrackFit does it...

Quick Summary: Blood pressure measurement, Android & Apple iOS support and medical grade heart monitor are just some of the features that this amazing watch offers. Its extremely easy to use by anyone and now finally available in {{country}} for an incredible price of only {{productprice}} - Click here to get it with free shipping, while there's still stock left...

Many people have been waiting for a high-quality Smartwatch at an affordable. TrackFit is not just another Smartwatch in the market. It's the number 1 bracelet you need to have now if you are serious about preventing health and heart problems. It was rated best in our exhaustive tests for quality, comfort and design and will fit you like a glove. 

We decided to take a closer look at it, since it seems like the whole internet is going crazy about these little amazing devices! Keep on reading to see how it fared in our long-term review...

How can a watch like this save your life?

TrackFit gives you much more than just time and date.

During the day, TrackFit analyzes and tracks the main functions of your body, as well as the calories burned and the steps you took, your heart rate and even your blood pressure. These two features alone could help you determine when you're undergoing severe stress and it's time for a break, before it's too late.

At night, it keeps track of your sleep so you can follow the quality of your rest on your smartphone.

What makes this smartwatch so amazing?

Normal smartwatches are overpriced and have lots of synchronization and compatibility issues, as well as low-quality apps.

The TrackFit founders know that not everyone is an computer wizard and able to handle all kinds of devices with ease. That's why during its development, they put an huge amount of importance on the fact that it needs to be easy to use by really anyone. According to our research, it really is.

All we had to do is take it out of the packaging, adjust the strap, and turn it on. The whole setup process was done in a breeze...

TrackFit has an amazing and incomparable price-quality ratio with no problems of synchronization or compatibility with your smartphone and high quality apps. That alone really simplifies and improves your daily life.

Here's TrackFit in Action

How does it work

Let TrackFit help you stay healthy and avoid health problems. It monitors your health and gives you important feedback about the state of your precious body. It achieves this by using its integrated CardioBeat sensor, which measures the heartrate and pressure on your wrist, without the need of any kind of pain or special devices.

The fact is: Many of these features were never seen before on any other smartwatches. TrackFit is really packed with the latest technology.

There is a reason why many medical professionals across the world are recommending the use of this high tech device. And the best part about all of it: It's all on autopilot - just charge it once a month and you're good to go.


  • High-quality product - Waterproof TPE (Rubberized) strap
  • Looong Battery - 30 days standby time. Compatible with any Android or iOs Smartphone
  • Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Track Daily Activities like Walking and Bike Riding

Like many over 50+, I need to keep track of my heart rate and heart pressure. My doctor requires me to write them down regularly, and I tend to forget. But now TrackFit is my personal data center for every day and keeps important info about my body!

I'm a fitness instructor and TrackFit is by far the most stable watch I've used in my classes. It never fails!

I use it at the gym to improve my performance. It also helps me to sleep better and the ability to monitor my Blood Pressure helped me a lot.


  • Long Lasting Battery & Waterproof
  • TPE (Rubberized) strap for extra comfort
  • Heart rate & Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Pedometer, Bike Rider, Sleep Monitor


  • Stock is running out quickly!

Bottom line: The time has come to wear a high-quality smartwatch, with a battery that lasts for a long time!

It's time to start your path to a healthier lifestyle

Join the latest technology in smartwatches, for a light price, as light as TrackFit in your wrist. Forget the lost time with uncomfortable and lousy watches that fails all the time. Find TrackFit right away with a friendly discount and free shipping if you buy it now!

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